24 Jun 2013

Popular pink rose varieties

The following are popular rose varieties that excel in beauty, growing and trade characteristics.  


A Magical Pink

This is an attractive rose variety, with a hot pink colour. Aqua!® has great characteristics that have made her one of the favorite choices in many markets. Aqua!® shows no change after transportation and she is thornless which makes her easy to work with. She is a great rose for every season and occasion and has a vase life of up to a fortnight. Aqua!® has an incredible production rate, she is resistant to disease and has a great stem length of up to 80 cm.


A divine thornless beauty

Heaven!® adds the element of love, friendship, peace and truth. She is a perfect rose for every occasion. Her medium sized, yet full bud and long stem add depth and nurture making this rose ideal for every arrangement. Heaven!® has a vaselife of up to 12 days, a good stem length of up to 80 cm, favourable production of up to 240 stems per m2 and very little change after transportation. 


Large and attractive

Heidi!® is one of the most promising roses in the pink colour segment. She is a high quality rose with a very large and attractive flower head. Heidi!® has very few thorns and is also a good producer.

Cool Water®, licensed by Zino Davidoff S.A.

Finally a beautiful long stemmed lavender rose that lasts!

Cool Water® is a contemporary lavender beauty with a classic but fresh appearance. She is almost thorn-less making her easy to work with and has beautiful foliage. Cool Water® is an easy grower and good producer everywhere she is grown. On top of her unique colour, she has a long stem and a beautiful large head that opens slowly and fully.