23 Jul 2021

Red Naomi! starring in The Bachelor

The red rose is the ultimate symbol of love. Hence why red roses play a crucial part in the popular show 'The Bachelor'. Our Red Naomi! rose is handed out during the rose ceremony in the current Dutch version of The Bachelor. 

Promotion of the red rose

The linking of the red rose to the Bachelor was made by RTL, Videoland, and LM Flower Fashion Productions in cooperation with FM Group and Schreurs. Together, promotional actions are realised to bring the red rose as a symbol of love to the attention of a new young target group.

During the press day, the roses were styled so that they were well represented in Dutch news shows during interviews with The Bachelor. Red Naomi! was also included in the official press package sent from Videoland to well-known media and various influencers.


The Bachelor

Dutch streaming server Videoland is streaming the first season of the Dutch Bachelor. DJ Tony Junior is this year's eligible single for whose heart 20 single ladies are competing. During the rose ceremony, our Red Naomi! rose is handed out to every lady who still has a chance to conquer the Bachelor's heart. The romantic adventure ends for all ladies that have not received a rose.

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