13 Jan 2023

Our founder Piet Schreurs has passed away

Piet Schreurs passed away on 12 January 2023. He reached the age of 85. Piet was an iconic person in the world of gerberas. In 1960, he started growing vegetables in Amsterdam; a few years later, he switched to floriculture. Initially, he began growing gerberas out of seeds but then moved to breeding and propagating gerberas. In this, he has been one of the first pioneers. To meet the growing worldwide demand for gerbera plants, he started the partnership with Schreurs & Co Export B.V.

Many developments followed, from moving to De Kwakel to the start of breeding roses. He founded and expanded Schreurs into a beautiful and flourishing company, which is now continuing to grow under the leadership of his son Peter Schreurs. Piet was always very involved in the company, even after his working life.

We continue to remember Piet as an inspirational person with an engaging, warm personality. He was always in for a chat; he was a real people person. He was meaningful to the flower industry, but especially to his employees.