13 Mar 2024

Armenian Embassy visits Schreurs Holland in De Kwakel

Ambassador Viktor Biyagov of Armenia visited Schreurs Holland in De Kwakel last Tuesday March 12th, accompanied by his colleague Vrezh Madoyan. The purpose of this visit was to provide the Armenian embassy with a better understanding of the breeding process, emphasizing the importance of plant breeders' rights.


Since March 2nd of this year, Armenia has also been registered with UPOV. This is a major success largely achieved through collaboration between the Dutch and Armenian governments.During the Armenian embassy visit to Schreurs there was extensive discussion about the practical implementation of this UPOV agreement.


Schreurs has been doing business with rose and gerbera growers in Armenia for many years. The company supplies its varieties on a large scale in various product forms to this country. In recent years, the acreage in Armenia has grown significantly. The importance of UPOV registration is therefore very high, not only for Schreurs but also for other breeders within the ornamental horticulture sector.


During the visit, mr. Peter Schreurs and mr. Hennie Brockhoff explained various company processes to the Armenian ambassador and his colleague. This provided them with insight into the practical aspects of the collaboration and emphasized the importance of such initiatives for the further development of the floriculture sector in Armenia.


Further details about the practical implementation of the UPOV registration will be announced later this year by the Dutch and Armenian governments.