28 Mar 2024

Porta Nova visits Schreurs

On Thursday, March 28, Porta Nova visited Schreurs, a breeder and propagator of roses and gerberas. Porta Nova is known as a leading grower of the Red Naomi rose. This variety was introduced in 2005 in collaboration with Schreurs and has since become one of the most successful rose varieties.


The main purpose of the visit was to give Porta Nova a tour of Schreurs' facilities. During this tour, there was extensive discussion about the required craftsmanship needed for successfully cultivating new varieties and healthy young plants.


Special attention was given to the quality of the plants ready for shipment. As off next week, 4 hectares will be filled in various stages with new Red Naomi plants. Thanks to the favorable conditions and the long-standing collaboration between both companies, Porta Nova will soon be ready for a new cycle with this proven variety.