At Schreurs we have developed a special cultivation method for young plants as part of our Topstart! programme. The entire propagation process is carried out internally with our own parent material and rootstock. We have also developed a unique stem spray method for young plants.

Innovation that improves sustainability

To ensure that our cuttings are effectively protected against disease, we employ Micothon smart spray technology. Using magnetic fields, the spraying machine co-developed by us applies pesticide to the entire surface of the cutting and simultaneously reduces the use of pesticide by 85%.

This revolutionary technique results in healthy plants and sustainable production.

Automated decontamination

To ensure that the plants are not contaminated during transport to your company, we work with an automated decontamination process designed especially for us. The Danish trolleys we use are washed, dried and decontaminated before they are brought on site and the plants are loaded. This guarantees that plants are optimally protected from contamination during transport.